Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Let's make lots of money

Let's make lots of money

Ellis was a bit shaken about the whole concert episode at the University, with Keith leaving in the middle of the concert.

"It'll all work out." Derrick's slap on his back was like a clap of thunder. No one touched Ellis.

Ellis looked at him, as if he might need to  get to the infirmary before he did actually lose his mind.

Derrick only laughed.

That was a couple of days ago. Before they knew that Freddie had a baby boy and Keith decided he needed some time off.

"Well, I think that's great." Derrick said about the news when they were all at the studio tweaking the playlist for the show.

Ellis felt as if he was lost. What were they going to do?

"We will just go on." There went Derrick with a pep talk before Louis showed up to give them..yet another pep talk.

No matter how enthusiastic everyone became, Ellis felt a sense of doom.

He was the one not normal..evidently.

Oh, why couldn't he just roll with it, like this Derrick fellow?

"Does..does..Callum even know..about any..of this?" Ellis asked Louis after the little gathering of donuts and coffee.

Louis looked at him as if Ellis shouldn't ask questions about Callum.

"Of course, he knows." Louis remained even lipped.

"Is he ever coming back?" Ellis wanted to know. He didn't mean to care, but he did. "I mean, I..I haven't heard from him." Ellis wanted to tell Louis that he was Callum's friend, but maybe he wasn't. It had been so long.

Ellis nursed his bottom lip, as he thought of Geo and the party months ago. Had he messed it all up? Was this all his fault? Callum was that angry with him. Or was their some other reason Callum was off the grid these days?

In his mind, he didn't want this to mean he was in LOVE with Callum. It couldn't be love, but in his heart, it was as if it were sinking metal, and it ached for Callum's return.


ivy said...

Poor Ellis!

W said...

He needs to get over Callum.