Tuesday, July 11, 2017

like a boomerang

like a boomerang

Brick was a little troubled. Well, not a lot. It was best to play it cool with Rosie.

Maybe, he was trying to make her a little jealous at the concert, with Lily. He wondered that now.

At the time, it was just fun. Even now, while he was alone in his room trying to clean up, like he was suppose too...he couldn't help but smile.

He was beginning to think Lily got him.

It wasn't like this last year. She'd always been this little sassy girl to him, but something happened to her. Why couldn't he put his finger on it?

He almost laughed about it now. They'd been kind of crazy at the summer concert, but weren't you suppose to be crazy at those kind of things?

It was much better than being stuck up, like Sunny. Brick didn't think Rosie was much better. It was like being with that third grade teacher.. he absolutely hated. Rosie was on his case, about everything..that night. He was too loud! Why did he have to be so hyper? Just thinking about her words make him cringe.

But he'd found Lily's laughter infectious. She liked to sing. She liked to dance. Then seeing her tongue go red after the cherry snow cone was the bomb! His was shockingly blue. Huh, he thought now...maybe she was sexy. Was it sexy? He sighed, feeling a little tingly with excitement.

Suddenly they were in LaLaland. And he hadn't even seen the musical, but Lily said they should still go.. while it was at the Dollar Theater.

"Why don't you come over and we can act it out!" She was full of surprises. Only, she could make a musical fun.

Brick shook his head. Suddenly, all this warm gooey happiness he felt was turning into a cold Jello turd. What was he doing with Lily? Wasn't this suppose to be happening with Rosie?

Before he could emotionally beat himself up, it finally hit him like a boom-rang of laughter. Lily was wearing a bra now. How could he forget about that!


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Cool story! Red and blue make purple.

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Awesome !!!! 💗💗