Sunday, July 9, 2017

after all said and done

after all said and done

Ivy was happy to meet Natalie. So there was someone in Joon's life.

At least she didn't have to think about Randy and all that went down. True, she might have been the real idiot, after all.

1. So Randy needed to have someone to talk to, and it wasn't Ivy.

2. Bree said she did her best to talk him out of going in to the Army.

3. The 4th had been a lot more catastrophic than Ivy wanted to let on.

Yes, she'd cried so much and there was no way he could say he wasn't going. After all, he'd signed the papers. He was going to Boot Camp at the end of the month. He only had a few weeks before everything changed.

Still, it was a mystery to her..why he'd decided on something so drastic.

"You could..have just stayed with us." But she didn't know that for sure, because after all..her Dad never really liked him. It was her mother that always included Randy while her Dad, looked at both them as if he was holding his breath, hoping he didn't leave her pregnant.

They never had a conversation about it, but she knew what was on her father's mind. And even if she'd been on birth control a whole year and counting..nothing had ever happened.

Randy was always understanding and a good listener. She'd helped him a lot, with math.

But, she didn't know if she could do this. Stay til the end, with him.

No. She said they would be friends, and she would write him and send him care packages. But there was nothing to wait for.

"You, make the best of it." She told him. "You, go out there"

He was going to learn how to maintain jeeps. He would go to mechanics school, after boot camp.

Yet, who was the first person she wanted to text when there was something funny she'd seen, or what movie was coming out that was must see... She would text Simon, without thinking. Yes, there was still Simon.


ivy said...

So interesting. Love the set and the turn of events with Randy.

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Pretty amazing!