Saturday, July 8, 2017

a girl named Birdy

a girl named Birdy

Kramer listened to the phone. Still no answer from Natalie. He put his phone back in his jean's pocket and looked at Birdy with a smile.

They'd spent last night together at her place. Finally they made their way to pancakes, at the old diner about noon time.

"What's the matter?" She looked at him out of the corner of her dark eyes.

Sometimes, she didn't seem real, but it was real alright. She was a trip.

No hang ups like with Natalie.

"Aw, its really nothing." His grin was open.

 It was Natalie who was not real. Seriously, why was he stuck with a prude like her?

Birdy..well, she knew where it was AT. She had a single mom and she grew up in L.A. and she'd already ran away from home three times before her Senior year. Now she'd gotten some scholarship in music. All she had to do was show up for choir, and she was good to go. Of course, that was sounding a bit like a fairytale... since he was still taking Freshman classes. Maybe he was not meant to be at the University. He wasn't doing so well in the online class he was taking.

"How come, we never found that friend of yours last night?" Birdy wanted to know now, as she fed him a bite of pancake with bacon.

Kramer almost choked on the goodness of breakfast.

"He's a little shy." Kramer finally said as he cleared his throat, thinking Joon hooked up with Natalie.

"I dunno any of your friend's Kra?" Birdy's lips were in a pout. "Its so different out here." She grinned. "I love it, you know." She kissed him. Assuring him, she loved making out in public places too. And...he'd let her ...because it was bliss.