Friday, July 7, 2017

getting on with things

getting on with things

"I never want to be in Freddie's predicament." Holly shook her head as she poured some more coffee in Natalie's cup.

Natalie looked at her, as if she knew.. to let Holly go on with her monologue in the quiet coffee shop. Natalie cradled the cup without taking a sip.

"I mean, think about it..who knows, if Keith will even stick around. They aren't married. I mean..what kind of future is that?" She sighed.

Natalie pressed her lips tight.

"I ... broke..up .... with Kramer." Natalie finally let spill. Of course, the only thing on her mind was how thoughtful Joon had been. She'd gone home with him the night of the concert, and it was nice meeting everyone he lived with. It had actually been so pleasant. They'd played cards. These little cards. She wanted to smile and tell Holly about it. How Joon let her sleep in his bed and he slept on the floor. Oh, she knew Holly wouldn't get it.

"What?" Holly looked at her as if that can't be.

"I mean..I am breaking up with Kramer." Natalie admitted. It hadn't happened yet.

"We'll see about that." Holly slyly snickered.

"But..its true..He's..he's..I saw him with this girl. At the concert. he..he wanted-" She really didn't know what he wanted..other than to hurt her. "I..I was thinking about breaking up with him, you know."

"Oh really?" Holly still didn't believe her. "Who put you, up to this?" She looked to the kitchen where Joon worked.

Natalie winced. She looked down at her black coffee. Why did she even care what Holly thought? This wasn't Holly's life.