Thursday, July 6, 2017

figuring it out

figuring it out

Keith couldn't remember the last time he ate. He was so numb, it really didn't matter.

It was hard to think what Freddie's tiny little body went through, all these months. Then to hear a nurse tell him that the medicaid would last only 60 days after the birth of their child.

He felt he was down to the wire. He needed to do something, other than hold her hand as another wave of labor pains over took her.

Holly was long gone now. She'd stayed a couple of hours after he got there, but she mentioned she had to work at the coffee shop. The next day. As it was, her boss and his wife were in England. His mother was sick.

Keith looked up to see his own mother, bringing him coffee. She would be the one watching after the baby.

Freddie was in summer classes. If she got them done, she would probably get on fulltime at the courthouse. She'd started an internship back in the spring. Although, most of the work she did was in data, still they needed someone in court records. Not exactly the sociology job she had in mind, but she wanted the job.

Still, Keith felt he was letting everyone down.

"This is suppose to be the happiest day in your life." His mother told him.

Keith only nodded as if he might need to go throw up. He handed her back the coffee. He went out in the hallway, thinking he should go to the bathroom before he s h i t  his pants.

About then, the nurse came, to tell them Freddie was dilated enough. It was time to have the baby.