Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Here we are

Here We Are

"OH MY GOD!" Rosie smiled from ear to ear. She pointed to Derrick, on stage. "That's my uncle." She told Sunny, who was being rather mute tonight.  He nodded.

Earlier, she'd told him that she'd seen the lead singer at the pool.

"I still can't believe its him." She'd been smiling since she'd gotten to the concert. She knew someone in a band..and..and he might be day.

Of, course, Brick was being an idiot. First he had to show off how he was so cool with his moves.

NOT COOL. Rosie decided. Sometimes, he was a real turn off. How could they friends? If he had to be so silly.

Lily danced along with him, as if they might both be on happy pills.

Lily's mom got them all snow cones. Brick kept saying he was going to get one with pickle juice, but they didn't have any. So now his tongue was blue and Lily's was red.

"How patriotic." Rosie cynically said as she hugged herself while watching Brick being a clown with Lily. It was as if they were doing their own video.

Rosie was not a little kid.

Sunny stayed in different the whole time. She wanted to be on his side, but then Derrick took the main stage.

She felt so happy, seeing her uncle do something he loved. Now, she wished she had that snow cone she said she didn't want.

Sunny, shoved his bag of cherry Twizzlers toward her. Maybe..he did like her, after all.