Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!

Derrick picked up where Keith left off. There was still the baseline to keep them going from what Ellis set up.

Derrick could tell the kid, thought he was going to take over the whole gig, but he didn't. He kept up with the riffs while Ellis punched in some groovy 70ish electric sounds from the keyboard.

At least, it kept the crowd happy.

"OK..Bo what should we do?" Derrick said over the microphone with a smile. "Its the 4th, you know?"

Bo looked at him, blankly..as if he didn't get Derrick humor in the lull of this strange madness... they were trying to hang on to..yet find away to start another song.

Derrick only laughed. Then turned back to the microphone and started his own version of Springsteen's "BORN IN THE USA."

Bo nodded as he played along with him. Ellis, of course, gave them both a frown as if he wasn't familiar with this song, but he didn't let them down. He got in, on the melody too.

Could the three of them, get through this?

Well, the crowd roared. It was good roared.

Derrick sighed. He kept singing, wondering if he was even carrying a tune. He hadn't felt this kind of rush in a long time.


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Perfect set ✴✴

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