Monday, July 3, 2017

The drop off

the drop off

"Freddie! Freddie's having her baby!" Howie looked at Dustin, a little bugged eye. At least, he put two and two together when Dustin finally made it, to the backstage.

He looked so out of it, as if he was running from Security.

"It's OK..It's OK." Howie told Campus Security as he grabbed on to both of Dustin's arms.

When their was a lull in the guitar instrumental, Howie went to grab Keith and tell him the news.

Of course, Keith looked at him as if didn't know what he was suppose to do.

"They'll figure it out. Come on." Howie knew the back way through a tunnel that took them to the backside of the stadium. He handed Keith a bottle of water as they got into the bus.

True, it was probably a bad idea, to take the bus, but how else would they get to the hospital.

Naturally, Keith looked as if he might be hyperventilating. Finally after they were a couple of blocks away, Keith downed the bottle of water. He was in a sweat.

"This is so crazy." Keith shook his head. Freddie hadn't said she felt like she might go in labor. He told Howie.

"Holly called her boyfriend and then, he found me..and ..well, maybe we will get you there in time."

He drove toward the driveway of the hospital and opened the bus door to let him off.

Keith looked at him a little funny, as if he couldn't go in, alone.

"I better get back." Howie sighed. "You'll do fine. You'll find her and..and everything will be OK."

Keith nursed his bottom lip, as if he wasn't certain of anything.


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