Sunday, July 2, 2017

on our way

on our way

It wasn't suppose to start like this. Oh..they were far from it... being over. Freddie was having labor pains.

Before, Holly knew it, she direct dialed Freddie's girlfriend California.

"What am I doing?" Holly was frantic. Freddie's ex..California. They were nowhere near the stadium where Freddie's boyfriend was in the midst of a concert.

"CALL HIM." Freddie moaned in the back of her car. At least Holly got Freddie situated with some pillows.

Holly looked back at her friend with a winced frown. This could not be good, she thought.

"Hello." Said a faraway female voice.

"Oh." Holly managed. "I'm sorry..I didn't mean.."

Freddie's voice carried as she yelled. "I'm Freak'n burning a sweat, you know!"

Holly pressed her finger to make the call go away.

"I don't have his number." Holly knew she should put this car in drive and go. But where? It was as if she was having a brain fart of some kind.

Finally, she reached Dustin. She told him to call Keith.

"Do you even know his last name?" Dustin wanted to know.

"No." She then explained he was playing at a concert on campus. "You gotta tell security..that..that his girlfriend is in labor." She hoped she said, but her heart was beating so hard, it made her wavier. Could she make the next step.

"We're going to Nebraska Medical." She told him.

Now, if she could figure out how to operate this beat up car. She didn't know if it was automatic or standard. Actually, at the moment..she wasn't sure if she would know the difference.