Saturday, July 1, 2017

down to this

down to this

"Why did I spend all this money?" Natalie thought she heard Joon breathe the words.

Yes, she saw Kramer, too. And suddenly, she was in the middle of chaos. She really couldn't hear a thing.

"Let's just go." Joon tugged at her. It was still twilight in the stadium. Natalie looked around. She'd never been around so many people. Of course, Holly was nowhere in sight. It was her idea they would all go and meet up for drinks, later.

Natalie wasn't sure what they would be drinking. There was no alcohol aloud here. A part of her thought she should wait for Holly and her boyfriend, but she moved on with Joon... as if they might be on a mission to get out of here without anyone noticing.

She didn't have any words to describe how she was feeling at the moment. She was bitter with Kramer, because all those thoughts of her cheating on him came tumbling through her mind. The shock of seeing what he was really capable of..all along..left her angry..mostly with herself. But she didn't want Joon to know how upset she really was.

Kramer was hugging the girl from behind as if he had been intimate with that girl and would be, as well.

Suddenly, Natalie wondered if all this time, she'd been the other woman. And that girl was Kramer's real girlfriend.

"You aren't going to do anything, are you?" Natalie did her best to say over the crowd.

"What?" Joon winced back. They edged toward the exit, then off to the concessions.

"I..I should..just know..have it out with him." Natalie stopped in her tracks and pulled Joon back, as if they might have been handcuffed together.

" won't." He looked at her. "You, won't say a thing. Sure, you'll hear him out and say, fine."

She frowned. What did he think of her? She didn't have a backbone?

"I don't like him." She managed to say.

"Oh, really?" He plowed on in to the crowd, pushed on toward the merchandise that was being sold. All one could hear was the roar behind them and the loud heavy metal music.

"Why can't... you believe me?" She felt herself yelling as they went toward the parking lot.

"You know, he'll have a good story. He always does." Joon looked back at her, with a sigh.

"I'm not like..that." She was straight-lipped, although she felt as if she was coming undone at the core. Why had she believed Kramer for so long? Suddenly, the tears overcame, and she thought she was physically ill. She put her arms around Joon, and hung on to him tight.