Saturday, August 19, 2017

Distant-far like yonderin'

Distant-far like yonderin'

"Well, it wasn't me." Kramer overheard Joon and Natalie talking about Joon's little sister's situation with the unknown person she was texting.

Yes, he wormed his way back in as much as he could with Joon and Natalie, not so much for Natalie, but for Joon.

It was true, Kramer missed Joon's friendship.

Joon scowled as if he'd had enough of Kramer and never wanted to know of him, ever.

"What is it this time?" Joon would barely spare the time for him at the coffee shop.

Usually, Kramer did have a reason to show up. It was always car trouble. Once it was his battery, yet Joon figured out it was his starter instead and found one online he could buy and ended up putting it in his old Toyota.

"Can't a friend just hang?" He did a bit of a shuffle dance and some quick dance moves he'd seen once, decades ago on Soul Train when he was staying with his uncle.

Joon sighed as if he had better things to do, or to remind Kramer...that he was the enemy. After all, he was Natalie's ex and Joon was her new boyfriend.

Kramer told Joon he wasn't making a lot of friends at the grocery store where he worked.

"I dunno why? I'm cool." Kramer shrugged and the puffed a frown.

"Wait til classes start up. Who knows who you might meet on campus." Joon told him there was another free concert coming.

Kramer almost cracked a smile, but he would set this one out. He wasn't looking for surprises, like last time with Birdy.

He was terribly burnt out on LOVE. Still he missed hanging out with Natalie and Joon. He needed some place to go. He never liked being alone.


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