Friday, August 18, 2017

last but not least

last but not least

Joon wished he had a faraway friend to worry about, like Natalie.

Well..not really. He was glad to be by Natalie's side. It was great spending the days at the coffee shop with her. They did make a pretty good team.

Although, he was a little perturbed with Ivy, lately. She could be rather misleading. He wanted to tell her friend Simon about this, but decided to keep mum. After all, she might go thinking he was her big brother or something.

Ivy told Joon, she was not dating Simon, yet they went everywhere together.

When Simon got his own car, who got the first ride in the little Honda Fit? Ivy did.

"Why can't you just're dating?" Joon asked one night while they were finishing up in the kitchen at home.

"Because..we're not." She told Joon that she knew too much about Simon.

"Oh, really?" Joon smirked. "Like what?"

"He always falls for the wrong girls." She shrugged as if she was here to teach Simon a lesson. "Besides, I really want to fall in love. REAL LOVE.. and I'm not in love with Simon."

"Oh." Now, Joon wished he hadn't brought it up. It wasn't long until he saw her smiling when she got a text.

"You, always like getting a text from Simon." He reminded her.

She looked up at him rather dull, and indifferent.

"He's not always texting me." She was straight-lipped as if it were none of Joon's business.

Joon squinted with a slight worry. Who could it be? He had a good mind to text Simon about this, but of course, Natalie texted him some sweet note and he forgot about who might be texting Ivy.