Thursday, August 17, 2017

as the days go by

as the days go by

"What do you mean?  You don't want to see your Dad?" Natalie couldn't believe Holly's words. Something, bad must have happened between them in the past, but Natalie didn't ask.

It was good to hear from her friend, but she felt sad for her.

"How are things with you and Joon?" Holly wanted to know. She didn't like talking about going home. It sounded as if that wasn't home anymore. Besides, she was happy to be with Dustin and his family.

"Good." Natalie was certain she sounded like a clumsy fool, but she didn't care. She liked working with him. She liked hanging out with him, after work too. But this would soon change with classes starting up at the University. She hated the thought of her new schedule of early morning classes.

"When are you guys coming home?" She thought they'd waited late in the summer for a vacation.

"Soon, definitely..very soon." Holly sounded anxious.

"Well, I can't wait to see, you." Natalie smiled. "We will all, have to go out." Natalie couldn't wait for a little celebration of her friend's return.

"Does this mean, Kramer can't come?" Holly would have to bring up Natalie's ex.

"I don't care." And she didn't. He'd been around, but he'd been quiet these days. She really didn't know what was up for with him.