Wednesday, August 16, 2017

at the threshold

at the threshold

Holly didn't have time to think what was going on at the coffee shop. She was in England, with his mother's.

His mother Marnie was rather cool about everything. They slept in his room and it was pretty much a calm situation. Of course, she wasn't used to a toddler and Dustin's mother had one.

Naturally, Dustin was amused by the little one and, she was quite the show off. Holly wasn't sure to mimic Frannie or just let her fall on her with her silly play-like sneezes..which weren't sneezes at all. Yet, Holly found herself acting more like the little baby than being the grownup.

"Oh, you two are adorable." Dustin's mother seemed to like Holly. Of course, Holly hadn't gone out of her way to impress her.

"Do you get home much?" His mother then asked.

Naturally, Holly's eyes bulged ever so slightly. She shook her head, no..having no intentions of ever making it back to her Danish home.

"You two should go, while you're here." Dustin's mother suggested. They could take the train, just for a day, if nothing more.

She felt bad to mention she never called nor wrote home. Her dad had a new wife.

Holly pressed her lips tight. She'd been anxious about this trip to meet Dustin's family. Wasn't this enough?

"But, don't you think your dad should meet Dustin?" Marnie thought that would be the right thing to do.

"I..I really haven't thought about it." Holly told Dustin's mother that she'd been on her own for quite a long time now. "I really don't want anything from him." She felt as if she was his past and he could only think of his new wife now and new family.

It would be too hard to fake her feelings with his new situation, that was now a decade old. Yes, time had passed, he wasn't that wayward fellow who had almost overdosed on pain killers a couple of times.

It was best not to go back to the horror she'd endured as a child. He might have been better now, but she would always remember this other man who was never quite awake, who barely remembered her existence.