Tuesday, August 15, 2017

what the world needs now

what the world needs now

Tiffany wasn't sure she liked Omaha's girlfriend. Tiffany felt possibly overwhelmed about everything these days.

And now..to be married... She smiled until she thought her face might crack. Honestly, she thought she was at her best with a small scowl on her face, but she knew that wouldn't do with all these old folks who hadn't seen Gordy in ages.

Had they bused them out from the Senior Center?

She was exhausted and the only person her age to converse with was Sheena.

"I really appreciate you being here with Omaha." She'd told her that late afternoon after the wedding.

Still, Sheena looked like the princess who was stuck with the pumpkins, waiting for something delightful to happen. She was straight lipped as if she'd gone to a funeral.

"He's..he's a pretty special guy." That Tiffany knew. She couldn't say he was happy. He was not one to smile all that much, except around Carmen. He was always smiling then. "How..how has he been?"

"He's..he's Omaha." At least, Sheena sounded as if she was not trying to make him something he wasn't. "He dropped everything when he found out about the wedding."

Even now, Tiffany felt bad about that. But it was only a 15 minute ceremony and the potluck lasted a good 4 hours.

She was glad to be at the beach now.

Although, she didn't want to wear a bathing suit. She was fully aware her body was changing. As of yet, she hadn't said a word to Gordy about the baby.

Actually, she'd taken the home pregnancy test only days ago.

She told him she wasn't interested in having kids and he was OK with that.

But now, she knew it was best to tell him the news before he wanted them go on a glass bottom boat tour or to walk the shore line for hours on end.

"Um, are you sure..you're OK..about not wanting kids?" Honestly, he'd been a little hesitant to even have sex with her in the beginning when he moved in to her mother's house with her. But little by little she'd peeled him like an onion and found he was just what she needed all along. Slow at first, then a rush of passion that grew like an ember.

Yes, she knew this baby was from that love. And as geeky as he might have came off to the outside world, well..she knew someone else.

"I thought we discussed this..a lot." He looked at her blankly as if he was supposed to do something that he hadn't.

"But..but if..if it were to happen?" She pressed her lips tight as if this was too hard to keep a secret.

"It..happened?" A smile emerged on his face as if it were some impossible feat. She was certain he was going to faint. Yet, he was giddy as a boy showing the world he was full of laughter, after all.

She told him it was no joke. She wasn't sure she could take to the sea and the sand. She was actually nauseous. Was there anyway, they could go home early?

"We'll just stay in. You, should rest." He was even lipped, even if he did put his arm around her. "I'll pamper you."

"But..but you need a vacation, too." He did so much and school was next week.

"We're having a baby." His smile said it all. They were in this together. It almost took Tiffany's breath away.  She'd never truly believed in his goodness until now.