Friday, August 25, 2017

I feel it, everywhere

I feel it, everywhere

"Look, it won't do any good to ground her til the new year." Draco told Charlie it wasn't as bad as she was thinking. "We're talking about Lily."

Naturally, he would give Lily the benefit of the doubt.

Charlie was still teary-eyed. Perhaps, too upset to be completely mad at Lily's excursion. Still, it hurt, that Lily didn't call her to let her know. She'd gone off with this kid who wasn't that much older than her.

"How could she?" She swelled a frown.

Draco gave her a pat on the back, ever so carefully. It was as if she had Barry to console her. Draco was her ex. Still, Lily's father.

"Now, you know, you've had a few runaway adventures, too." His smile was open.

Charlie glared at him. How could Draco compare her life to Lily's. It was nothing like Charlie's predicament, who was much more of an adult than either of her parents who were always under the influence of something that had nothing to do with a good home life.

She'd never wanted Lily to be in that sort of peril.

There was a time she wondered if Draco's family should have raised Lily. She knew he was from a better family. A family who could take care of Lily, more so than she could..on her own..back then. But somehow she'd managed.

Her eyes were sad once more. Thinking, she should have been more confident. Confident, like her daughter Lily.

A part of Charlie, still felt like a failure.

"Look, kids do these kind of things." Draco told her. He took her shoulders as if he wanted to shake some sense into her, but he hugged her, instead. "It was once in a lifetime, kind of thing. Didn't you want to see the eclipse?"

Charlie really hadn't thought about it. She was serious about nursing. She wanted to help people, as well as her new family with Barry.

"Just, don't be too hard on her, OK?" Draco's smile was just as she remember. She hated the fact that she'd fallen in love with his coolness, in an instance.

She knew Lily thought her dad was the bestest.

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