Saturday, August 26, 2017

Do we dare

Do we Dare

"Oh, those little rascals," Macy said in a gruff voice, but she laughed about the Lily and Brick adventure when Draco got home to tell her all about his day.

She had stayed in with the baby and watched the solar eclipse on TV. A part of her felt bad that she didn't experience it with friends or Draco, but she was pretty comfy with the baby sleeping on her chest.

Yes, she was spoiling him. She couldn't help it.

Still, she was trying to get him on a schedule, and get some cleaning done, along with some cooking. Ste would be here soon, and she did want him to feel welcomed.

Of course, it was a one pot dinner in the slow cooker. Draco checked on it. He put it on warm.

"I hope Charlie will be all right." Draco sighed.

"She's that upset?" Macy looked at Draco, blankly.

"Well...Lily's never skipped school." Draco shrugged.

"Oh, but..Lily's so much like you." Macy grinned and fake punched him in the arm. Of course, he reacted even more fake with a wince of slow motion pain, as if she were Wonder Woman.

Finally, everything quieten down in the kitchen. He went to slice French bread and make a salad.

"So, you're sure..Ste doesn't think he's moving in with us?" Draco did look a little worried. As it was Lily was suppose to share the nursery with the baby, but there had been some moving around.

Macy shared Draco's bed now and when Lily did stay over she was in Macy's old room aka the guestroom they had fixed up for Ste (Stephan's uncle from England).

"Well, he's going to be working for the bakery. They'll probably help him find a place." Macy knew Jules(who she worked for) would do his best to find Ste some place comfortable. "But I want him to get to know his nephew."

Somehow, she thought there would be a certain closeness she would have with Ste. She certainly hadn't found that with her own family.

Draco peeled some potatoes and mashed them later.

She wondered what Ste would think of Draco's cooking. She hoped Draco didn't mind Ste being here.


Katy said...

This is so cute and I love it so much!

Taylor said...

Very nice!