Sunday, August 27, 2017

Life goes on

Life Goes On

Rosie looked back at her summer now, as quite divided. The first part was fun, hanging out with Brick at the pool. Actually, she didn't really know how it ended with Brick like it did.

She remembered texting him that she was going to help out with her Uncle Derrick's family when her uncle went on the road with the band. Brick never texted back and that seemed to be the end of her contact with Brick.

Not that she really missed him. Most of her days were filled with babysitting little Asia, who was a handful. She loved music. Rosie did find a lot of joy, being with her and her mom Rossie.

Rossie found out she was pregnant the week Derrick left, and she had some days where she needed a lot of rest. So Rosie was happy she could help out.

Actually, it was a good summer, cooking with Rossie, going to lots of art and dance festivals with her.

And late night when Rossie was in a Facetime chat with Derrick, Asia woke up with an upset stomach.

Rossie handed the phone over to Rosie to talk with her uncle. That was when she spotted Bo, looking over Derrick's shoulder. Bo remembered her. The girl from the pool.

Honestly, she couldn't remember how it happened her uncle introduced her to the lead singer in the band, but it had been one fun moment after another with Bo since.

He texted a lot. They didn't do many Facetime chats, but ever often he would get in contact with her, on an early Sunday morning for a chat.

"I don't care if you've got bed hair." Bo told her. When he talked of the band's travels it sounded like boot camp. They camped out a lot. It was funny how the little things meant a lot to free wifi.  Bo said he needed a better phone plan.

He was easy to talk too. It seemed he needed someone to vent, too.

Thankfully, he thought the world of her uncle Derrick. Yet, he was always a little bitter about the guy who played the keyboard.

Rosie had no idea she would ever be this close to someone in a band.

Yes, the only guy on her mind these days was a lanky teenager named Bo.