Sunday, August 13, 2017

Life is a highway

life is a highway

Doris felt as if she'd fallen into a new life. Except, she did miss her old one. Yet, that life became unraveled and her husband had been tucked away in a memory unit now that they could barely afford.

Sometimes, she thought they were talking about a science fiction movie when they spoke of him. He might as well have gone to another planet.

And she moved in with Betty. That truly was the last thing she ever expected.

Yes, she thought of putting the house up for rent, but that would be too expensive to update the house. The cost alone for on going repair would have put her farther in debt. Still, Betty wanted her to come and live with her.

"It won't cost you a thing." Betty fed her countless times with her garden salads and squash casseroles.

Doris' boys, did what they could, but they were young and in the midst of work and their own relationships. She didn't want to be a burden to anyone.

Maybe she could get in to one of those low income apartments for senior citizens. However, she was barely a senior citizen and there were long list for these places..just for a studio apartment.

"Better come live with me." Betty kept reminding her she wouldn't have to worry so much about  day to day stuff..if she would just come.

Betty had a guest room. It was all ready. She made it sound that life wasn't over. It had just begun.

"But what am I suppose to do?" She couldn't be happy about this.

"What do you want to do?" Betty asked her if she wanted to try to get back on in the school system.

No way. She was too old for that.  Still she felt as if she was in limbo. Although, the summer felt like a vacation, at times.

And to be with Lily on this roadtrip to Adventureland made everything seem possible.

She wanted to sew now. She wanted to make things. She wanted to be the artist she'd always been.

And then some old fellow asked her if she wouldn't mind dancing with him at the wedding.

She looked at him as if she didn't know how, but soon enough she found the steps of the two-step.

Next thing she knew, Lily was asking her how she did that.

Doris smiled. "I guess.. you.. just have to feel the music."