Saturday, August 12, 2017

along came Liv

along came Live

Dakota was perhaps a bump on a log.

Liv was a lot to take in. She came with lots of little gifts.

Dakota didn't know what to think. What was her dad, Joey trying to do?

Liv talked for some time about things she liked when she was Dakota's age.

"I loved My Little Pony and Care Bears." She smiled.

Dakota watched the woman's mouth move, wondering how old she really was. Was she younger than her Dad?

She was tiny and so was her voice. She could have been a teenager. She was definitely more weird than Corina.

Finally, Dakota told her thank you.

"Maybe..maybe we could go shopping, some time." Liv suggested.

Dakota looked at Joey, who shrugged.

Was that the way it always was? Her dad just met girls and he did what ever they wanted?

Dakota almost frowned, but Xander stepped in and thanked Liv for coming and would she like to have dinner.

"Oh..I don't have to eat." Her smile was bright, but she sat down next to Sunny.

It was then, Dakota decided maybe Liv could be a part of the family. She seemed a little nervous about eating in front of people.

Dakota hadn't meant to make her feel nervous. She told Liv that Xander made the best Mac and Cheese around.

"He doesn't even use macaroni. Its cauliflower." She smiled. It wasn't until she looked over at her Dad Joey, that she knew he didn't want her chatting up Xander. "And..and Dad, he..he makes great grilled cheese sandwiches."


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