Friday, August 11, 2017

in the lime light

in the lime light

Liv was ecstatic that Joey would want to go places with her. It was good to be the driver. She actually felt helpful.

She couldn't say she was always that person. Especially, with her wayward ways. She'd spent years not eating properly. Perhaps, that was where it started.

Yes, there were still days she was certain she would never have a life like other people. It was doubtful she could be anyone's wife. It would be hard to even be someone's girlfriend.

Liv changed her mind a lot. Or so she was told.

But this wasn't the time to share this with Joey. No, she wanted him to know of her favorite graphic novel series, the places she liked to the old bookstore and the record shop next to it.

"I'm so happy vinyl is coming back." She told him as they flipped through old records. She spotted an old Nancy Sinatra album. "She used to live next door to Morriessy, and she sang one his songs. I guess Lana Del Ray was inspired by her too. Remember that song Summer Wine?"

She looked at Joey, seeing if he was even interested. He looked at her and nodded. "Nancy sang it first with some guy who used to write songs for her."


Liv smiled, doubting he was even interested, but he found a Lee Hazelwood album. Joey said he'd always wanted one of his records.