Thursday, August 10, 2017

oh, such a holiday

oh, such a holiday

Lily was unaware what a big day it would be. She hardly knew Brick even had a mom. Actually, she thought Betty was his mother.

The way they hung out, together in her kitchen was pure family love. She was glad her grandma had made friends with Betty.

"That doesn't mean..they'll get married or anything?" She'd asked her mother weeks ago when she found out the news that her grandpa had been moved to a hospital they wouldn't take her, too. Lately, they talked about him less and less.

Her mom only smiled, assuring her that her grandparents were still married.

"She doesn't like living alone." Her mother told her. "Betty's known her since she was probably my age."

"Oh." Even now, she couldn't imagine her own mother ever being her Grandmother's age, nor her Grandmother ever being her mother's age. Still, it was fun being with Betty and her grandmother Doris. They went places. Betty should have been a truckdriver as much as she liked to drive.

But now... it was great to see Brick in a suit and tie. Two things Lily doubted she would ever witness.

They had had a fun summer of riding bikes and finding little and there. Since neither could go on social media.

"This is what life was like before the Internet." Her grandmother told her. Still, Lily had an old Hello Kitty flip phone she could use in case of emergencies and Brick had his trac phone. He was the only person she ever text.

And now she was with Brick. She smiled brightly. Yes, he was her rock. He was better than any of  those guys who were in posters on her bedroom wall.

He made her giddy inside, full of laughter..and she knew she made him feel just as happy.

Yes, she was going to Adventureland with Brick. Not once had he mentioned Rosie, who hadn't called nor texted.

It was best not to remind him of that girl. After all, Lily wanted him for herself.