Wednesday, August 9, 2017

just one more little thing

just one more little thing

Omaha had quite a time finding a place to park out on the old dirt road. They were practically in the cemetery. Even in a sweat, he took Sheena's hand and they went into the little church. Tiffany's side was practically empty so they at least found a seat.

Betty smiled, happy they were here.

She had told him Tiffany's sister Brit couldn't make it since she was on bed rest with her low placenta and could have her baby any minute. Tiffany's little brother Dewey was there with his girlfriend, but that was it.

Funny, how Omaha always thought of Carmen's family as being bigger. Maybe, she'd been a big part of it..a long time ago. He sucked in a breath, but his stomach growled. Thank god, there was a potluck after the wedding.

He looked over to see all sorts of people on Gordy's side. Just as it quieted down, Brick walked down the isle with Gordy.

Brick gave Omaha a little wave and then a big smile.

Omaha smiled back, just to realize..Brick wasn't smiling at him..but a young blond girl who was with Betty and some other woman.

Omaha remained straight lipped thinking what he'd really like to call that son of Tiffany's. The wedding march started. As soon as he turned his head to see Tiffany with a bouquet, Omaha knew why this was Tiffany was pregnant.

He knew these things, he'd been around enough pregnant women, lately.