Tuesday, August 8, 2017

what the...

what the...

"Altoona?" Taylor winced hard as he turned a burger out on the smoky grill. It felt like fall. Maybe they'd been foolish to think summer was lingering. He looked up to see Max with a beer and of course, Ben was here. All was not lost.

Still, life hadn't been the same since Omaha moved out. He did feel a little lost without him.

There was Josh, but he was helping with the kids, and he didn't remember Barry (Charlie's husband) all that much, but they were here. They'd brought the cake. Sara's parents came with a load of presents.

"Something, came up." Minnie winced in the sun as she watched him flip another burger.

"Did she say what?"

"Um, somebody's getting married."

"Getting married?" Taylor practically scowled. "They..they aren't getting married without us..are they?" He sighed.

"Hey," Ben's fat hand rested on Taylor's shoulder. "Must I remind you, you guys got married on a cruise? I guess you know how it feels now..thinking you all would include us in your nuptials." He sipped his lite beer then.

Taylor didn't know what to say. He couldn't help to be bitter about this.

"Omaha, better not be getting married." After all, Taylor planned on being his best man. Didn't Omaha remember?


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