Monday, August 7, 2017

change of plans

change of plans

Sheena couldn't believe they were doing this. Driving to Altoona. She'd never heard of the place.

"I guess you don't go to Iowa much." Omaha's somber voice sounded as if he was on autopilot.

"Maybe..maybe I should drive." She'd hurried to put on a summer dress and packed a change a clothes for the both of them.

"No, I know the way." He was buckled in, they were heading across the Mormon bridge in his little economy car.

Sheena looked across the water and then at the big casinos and the big parking lots with the big trucks. She nursed her bottom lip. Her cell rang. She answered a call from Minnie.

"Where are you guys?" Minnie's voice reminded Sheena where they should be. They were grilling down at the park with Taylor and Sara. Didn't they remember Sara's baby shower?

Sheena winced hard. This was an important day, after all. She knew she needed to be there for Sara. She looked in the back seat. There were the diapers they were suppose to bring.

"Something came up." Sheena told her. "We're on our way to Altoona."

"Altoona?" The rise in Minnie's voice made Sheena feel that Altoona must be the worst place on earth.


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