Sunday, August 6, 2017

the invitation

the invitation

"Oh." Omaha was still pondering the invitation from Betty, over his Android.

"Tiffany would really like for you to be there for the wedding." She told him. "I know its last minute, but we would love to see you. Haven't-" She stopped. He knew she was thinking what he was thinking.

Carmen...The love that never happen..the love that was once a dream...still he would not forget. She was beautiful. She was kind. Her love always filled him..and yet left him empty..after she left this world.

Sometimes, he wondered if her once dorm room was haunted now. Did anyone ever see her ghost? Did they talk about her? Did anyone remember her?

There was a silence. Omaha nursed his bottom lip. He could think of a lot of things he'd rather be doing than going to Altoona for a weeding.

"Its..Its been ages, you know. Brick's the one that talks about you. He says you're the best babysitter."

Omaha almost laughed, but he kept somber.

"What time does it start?" It was the least he could do. He guessed. Sheena would want to go too. He hoped.

She said it wasn't happening until 3 in the afternoon.

"OK." His throat was raw. He wished he didn't have to think about Carmen, but he'd feel terrible if he didn't. This was her sister's celebration. He was certain that Carmen would like Gordy. She always liked teachers.

The tears were impossible to stop, after he got off the phone.

"What's the matter?" Asked Sheena.

"Oh, there's a wedding to go, too." He cleared his throat. He wasn't sure he could say much else about it. Yet a part of him felt as if Carmen's ghost was watching him.