Saturday, August 5, 2017

small talk

small talk

"Just..." Vada didn't know where to start, when it came to Joey. Actually, there had been no trouble since he moved in. Of course, she didn't see that much of him once he started with the internship. Hopefully, some day, he would be making jet engines. She guessed. "be careful." She nodded then, thinking this Liv sounded kind of crazy.

"Oh, we're not going to do anything." He shook his head. "She's got a car, and we thought we might check out the comic book place."

"I see."

"She knows this writer, he hangs out there." He sounded as if he knew a lot about the things she was interested in. "And then..then I promised her I'd introduce her to Dakota and we'd all go out for a bite to eat."

"OK, do I get to meet her, too?" Vada wanted to know.

"Dakota?" Joey winced.

Vada winced back. Actually, she hadn't met his little girl.

"Yeah, Dakota." Vada nodded. Maybe that would work best. Meet everyone at once. "I hope you have a good time."

"Its..just... something to do." Joey shrugged. His hands were in the front pocket of his jeans as if he was cool about it, or it was just nothing.

"Well, you smile a lot when you, talk about Liv." Vada told him.

"I do." He looked at her as if he didn't know. He almost laughed. His smile was open.

If only she could get Frankie to go out with someone new.

Vada smiled and gave Joey a little hug. She went back to her cucumbers on the kitchen counter. They'd grown so many this summer. Tomatoes, too. She never thought she would be making pickles nor Italian sauce.

"If you two just can't find anything to do at the comic book store, you can help make pickles." Vada suggested.

"Naw, we're good." Joey turned to his cell. Liv was waiting for him in the driveway.