Wednesday, August 30, 2017

out there somewhere

out there somewhere

Gabby guessed she was back in the swing of things. Even if the last days of August had been rather tense.

1. She called Bree's uncle as soon as she spotted her at the music festival, a few weeks ago. Perhaps, it was Will who was the force behind it. Oh, she wouldn't say they'd made up, but they were still friends and they were worried about their friends.

2. Now Gabby didn't have a friend in Bree. She guessed she should have expected it as much.

3. There was also the Howie situation to think on. Yes, she'd floundered in a summer romance. He was there to drive the bus, and that's what he did. After all, he was still a good friend. Just not her boyfriend.

4. There were worries with the band to keep her hopping. She'd lost some weight in the progress which she thought was a good thing. Although, her foster mom and dad didn't see it that way. They wanted her to quit the recording studio as soon as possible, but she kept telling them, she couldn't just leave her job like that. But they were putting their foot down this time. School was much more important. Honestly, her job was the only thing she had to look forward too.

"How can you say that?" Simon at least was there to get her through the day. He wasn't as close to Ivy as he used to be. Perhaps he needed Gabby, too.

"You need to find something to do." He showed her a list of clubs on the high school app, as well as all the plays and musicals the school would be producing this year. "You, should at least be in one of them."

If he were depressed over Ivy meeting the new guy, who reminded her of someone, but she couldn't think who, Simon definitely wasn't showing it.

There were football games to go, too. It wouldn't be long til homecoming. Yes, Gabby could enjoy the high school life, while it was still here.

"You'll graduate before you know it." Simon was serious. "Be a teenager, while you still can."

He wasn't worried about college, SAT scores and building a resume for the future. "I think I'm going to try out for a play." He was even lipped. "I think you should, too."

He gave her a pinkie shake before she could get out of it. Maybe, he did have a point, but she really did love her job.

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