Tuesday, August 29, 2017

who are they..what are they

who are they..what are they

Louis couldn't tell him, but he'd missed Ellis.

Sometimes, he liked to watch Ellis out of the corner of his eye. Yes, he hated to see him in a panic, but Ellis seemed to work best that way.

If he could just ease that grimace of his, Louis felt certain Ellis had a sweet smile. Well, he dreamed of it, anyway.

Of course, he knew Ellis was in a bad way with Callum, and that's where it all started. Callum wasn't coming back, anytime soon.

Couldn't Ellis figure out the only person Callum was in love with, was himself. Louis knew this from the very beginning, but he became friends with him, anyway. Maybe they were too much alike. Except, Louis was not always wanting the center of attention.

Even now, he knew Ellis didn't want any attention.

Gabby made a reservation at one of the knew dining places for millennials, with hand crafted dishes and industrial style settings. Of course, it was a little dark, even during daylight.

A waitress showed them to table where a girl named Ruby was waiting.

Naturally, she was going to blog about this little outing.

He could see how uncomfortable it was making Ellis, but he set down ever so stiff as if he might be a robot. Ellis couldn't look the chic girl in the eye.

Next thing, Louis was doing all the talking. Mainly, about the record label and of course, Callum.

She asked Ellis how long he'd been a musician.

"Uh, my..my mom taught me piano, but..but I wanted to play the drums, instead," Ellis stammered.

"But its the steel guitar, he goes crazy on." Louis nodded with an open smile.

Ruby smiled, looking over at Louis then back to Ellis. She bit the back of her black pen in thought.

"Oh, my God!" Her voice was shrill and almost made Ellis jump. It was like an epiphany of some kind. "You two, are the cutest couple." Her smile was open as if she really was ready to write a scoop now.

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