Thursday, August 3, 2017

thinking it over

thinking it over

Tiffany sat very quietly, staring at the white dress she would be wearing on her wedding day. This wasn't exactly what she had in mind. Of all places, Altoona. She sighed as if she thought it would be different. Actually, she'd waited months for this to happen.

"Are you having second thoughts?" Gordy asked from the bedroom doorway. He was reaching for his phone as if he might call the minister to let him know a change of plans.

"NO." She practically jumped up, ready to snap. "We've..we have had that ..that marriage license for a while now. I want to use it..before its no good." She gave him the eye as if it was his fault for prolonging the agony.

"I know." He nodded. He looked at the dress too. "You, don't like the dress?"

"I LIKE IT, its fine." She smoothed it down. It was nothing fancy. It would not be a fancy wedding. He had his Sunday black suit that he usually wore to other weddings, his friends weddings. She nursed her bottom lip. "I guess none of your friends will be there."

It felt as if they were going to go to a strange place to get married. A little church on the outskirts of Altoona, down a dirt road..somewhere.

"It'll be fine." He told her. His hands held on to her shoulders.

"But..but you always went out of your way to go to their weddings. always brought gifts too." Didn't he see? He was the nicest man alive, among millennials who could care less if he ever got married.

"Lets just be happy." He reminded her they were going to the beach for their honeymoon. It would be only a few days at Myrtle Beach. Still they were going somewhere.

He was right. They were going some place, but first they would all load up in her mother's minivan and drive to Altoona.