Wednesday, August 2, 2017

little to know

little do we know

"Well...why didn't anyone tell me?" Brick didn't know why he was left out of the loop. Wasn't this something important to know about his mom marrying Gordy. "What made them decide to do it now?" He ate as much watermelon as his grandmother Betty would give him while she scooped nice neat balls of melon and placed in a plastic bowl.

She sighed as if she didn't have a good story to tell him. He popped another ball in his mouth and savored summer on his tongue. Oh, how he loved watermelon.

She scrunched her nose and took a sip of her vodka in something. It was her afternoon treat. She was a rather moderate drinker. He never thought of her ever being drunk,but that was vodka in her creamed cold brew coffee.

"Well..." She she always did. He did wonder from time to time if she'd been a southern bell in her youth. She'd mentioned Tennessee once, but he didn't know how far south that was from here. "Gordy's grandmother's church said they could do it. Wouldn't cost a thing."

"What are they gonna do?" Brick asked before he popped another melon ball in his mouth.

"I doubt it won't be much since it'll be just us going, but the pastor knew his grandmother and had told her he'd always marry Gordy to whom ever and that's what they'll do."

"Well..why can't he come out here?" Brick squinted.

"I dunno." She shrugged and went back to scooping melon balls. "But we're going to Adventureland after the wedding." She smiled.

Brick smiled back. He guessed it was worth going to his mom's wedding, after all.