Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Even so

even so

They finally knew what they were having. Irwin and Julie were pleased to tell everyone they were having a girl.

Of course, there was only Betty and her family to share it with. Irwin was beginning to think they would be lost without her. Who was the one who found the crib in perfect condition at a garage sale? Betty and her live-in friend Doris. They certainly could find the bargains. They had them out going to estate sales and then to the Farmer's market. It really had made the summer fun, even if Irwin didn't want to admit it.

But, Julie was smiling and she wasn't asking about his wayward mother..it was all good..and then Betty mentioned, "Let's go to Altoona for a wedding."

Irwin imagined a tuna casserole, first thing. He really wasn't fond of tuna casseroles.

"Gordy and Tiffany are getting married there." Betty explained. "Its right next to Adventureland" They were going to enjoy two full days there with Doris' granddaughter and Betty's grandson, Brick. "Wouldn't you like to go?"

Irwin would have to pass on that one. He'd hate for Julie to end up in the Emergency room.

"I..I know..we should..but Julie doesn't like long drives." He told Betty.

"Its not all that long, just four hours or so." Betty didn't see time quite like he did.

"I wish we could." Still, he said no. Not even Julie could talk him out of this one. They needed as much rest as they could, before school started.