Monday, July 31, 2017

Saint Kramer

Saint Kramer

Kramer swelled a frown as he listened to Natalie's words.

Why did things happen to this?

Oh, it had been fun with Birdy..for a while. Yes, he experienced a lot of cool things with her. But she could burn money quicker than he could. She liked to go places..and she expected  him to pay.

Kramer had to find a job. He ended up working at Bucky's, a twenty-four/seven convenient store.

Yes, it was hell to pay, falling for a girl like Birdy. Kramer couldn't think the last time he really slept. His shift was always after going out with Birdy. And he saw a lot s h i t going on in this mid-west town that he never knew existed.

He was in several hold ups. Some of these dudes were on something. All the while, it made him so jittery. Then to find out Birdy thought he needed pills to make everything better.

"Oh, I take them all the time." She sounded as if everyone else was doing it.

Now, he was at the point he didn't want to have a thing to do with her. She was scarier than he knew.

And this guy showed up who was her REAL BOYFRIEND.

At least Kramer got on at the mega-grocery store. They needed people in the back to help with deliveries at the side door pick up for groceries.

But, he guessed he could see why Natalie didn't care if he was OK or not. She didn't care how he survived summer. He guessed he knew that was coming.

He'd missed her. He truly wished he could rewind and forget about ever meeting Birdy, but real life wasn't like that.