Sunday, July 30, 2017

happy now

Happy Now

Joon guessed he didn't have time for a relationship, anyway. July was hot and everyone was on vacation. Holly went with Dustin, back to England.

Now, he and Natalie held down the coffee shop while everyone was gone.

It could be a rush. Especially, when summer classes were in session. He was thankful for the hours from six in the morning to four in the afternoon.

Natalie was fun to work with. He thought her customer service was much better than Holly's. She was friendly and always nice to the customers.

It was the cash register that made her nervous with all it buttons, but not for long.

And he was happy to be around her.

Still, it felt like an eternity before Kramer might show his face around. She wouldn't talk to Joon about him.

There was a certain dread that she might forgive him, but it hadn't happened yet.

If he only knew..where to go from here.

He watched, wondering if he'd ever find the right moment to be that guy Natalie really needed. Maybe he was. Maybe they didn't need anything official.

And then on a quite late afternoon, there Kramer was all sad and in a pout.  Joon couldn't get to the counter fast enough. Still, there was plenty to do with the coffee machines.

Natalie didn't bat an eye. She asked to take his order. Kramer looked at her, as if she should know why he was here. But she didn't look happy to see him. She asked again to take his order. She treated him like a stranger.

"Look..Natalie.." Kramer started as if he had quite a long story to tell.

"I really don't care." She said ever so dull. "I'm with Joon now."

Joon's eyes lit. Was that really true? Sure, they hung out. She ate dinner with him and Ivy's family.. a lot. They took long walks that took them to the library and occasionally to a movie. Joon sighed. Maybe things were really good it was best to not talk about it.

Joon couldn't help but smile. He came out from behind the coffee machines, wanting to put his arm around her, but she took his hand instead.

"He's more than just a boyfriend," Natalie announced. "He's my best friend."