Saturday, July 29, 2017

trying to decide

trying to decide

Ivy didn't really want to listen to her brother Cho, go on about Bree. She didn't want to think how much she really hated her.

She knew something was going on with Bree and Randy.

"Well, she gets around." Ivy stayed indifferent about the Bree matter.

"God, I had no idea you could be so cold." Just listening to that sentence from Cho made her angry.

"What are you trying to do? Guilt trip me?" Ivy pressed into a straight lip.

Yes, there was a lot she didn't understand about Randy. She knew he was the earthy sort. He was a smooth talker, and he always got his way with certain girls. Bree was one of those girls.

Of course, Randy wasn't that way with her. She was still bitter about it, even if she tried not to be.

Naturally, her brother always tried to calm her.. that Randy respected her. It didn't make her feel any better. Yet, she'd continued to see Randy as if she'd be that beacon of hope for him. She knew he didn't have a family.

Seriously, she never tried to change him. He'd never tried to change her.

She winced now. Perhaps they were stuck with each other. While Bree was certainly moving on.

She wanted to move on with someone too. But who?

It wouldn't be Simon. No way, would she want to be in any drama with Bree over her so-called boyfriend. Yet, she would still be his friend. They could be friends. Friends who texted. Friends who met up for free concerts and drama work shops. Yes, they were bound to know each other, too well.

Ivy would stay out of it. Still, she hoped Simon was all right. She text him to see what he was doing, but she would never mention Bree.