Friday, July 28, 2017

Rosco & Cho

Rosco & Cho

When Rosco found out from Bree's uncle that she'd ran away, he was certain it was all his fault. Suddenly, the new job down at the megagrocery store was taking a toll on him. As it was, his boyfriend Cho was getting ready for classes at the university.

"I dunno why its so upsetting?" Cho talked to him over dinner at the old diner, that still made the best burgers in town. "Why do you think its your fault?"

Rosco could barely look at Cho's sweet face.

"Cause..cause..I'm not a very nice person." Suddenly, he felt tears about to melt his face with grief.

"What are you going on about?"

Rosco sucked in a breath. He hated to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, but it felt so true.

Of course, hearing the news about the president wanting to get rid of the transgender in the military didn't help his mood, either. But it was thinking about his past with Bree that made his throat parched. He could hardly speak.

"I dunno." He first said, trying to think where to start. His nose started to congest as his eyes watered. "I..I didn't have any friends when..when I met Bree." He said it was some time ago, a year or so after the d e a t h of his little brother who had hung himself in a tree in the backyard. He'd felt so numb, back then.

"I..I couldn't talk to my parents..and..and the only way..I could keep Bree around..was..was to scare her." He told his boyfriend Cho that he thought it might be the only way he'd ever really have anyone around. Rosco felt invisible to his parents.

"I..I did some things to her..I shouldn't have." He'd never thought he'd regret it..until now. He squinted hard. "I..I just hope she's all right."

Cho squeezed Rosco's hand for assurance. Some how, Cho had a way of making him see the good in himself and everything in the world.

"She's with Connor." Cho told him that Connor wouldn't let anything bad happen to Bree.