Thursday, July 27, 2017

a phone call

a phone call

The first couple of times, Gabby got the mysterious phone number on her Android, she didn't pick up, but they kept calling and for no apparent reason, she finally answered.

It was Bree.

"Hey, what happened to your old phone?" Gabby asked right away.

"Something, messed up on it." She told her.

"But, you have an iPhone." Gabby knew how much Bree loved that phone. Her life was on that phone.

"I decided to go with something cheaper." Bree told her she didn't call her to talk about phones. "Where are you guys?"

"I guess you don't check my blog." Gabby informed her that she updated it with tour pictures and other tidbits about the guys.

"Sorry, I've..I've got a summer job."

"A summer job?" Gabby was in total shock. Bree with a job? "What are you doing?"

"Some..babysitting." Bree didn't seem sure. Gabby didn't believe her, but she didn't let on.

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, really." Bree said.

"Nothing else is going on?" Gabby asked.

"Not a thing." Bree told her.

"Have..have you seen Will?" Gabby wanted to know.

"Why would I see Will?" Bree was indifferent.

" always see Will." Gabby remembered. They were practically kissing cousins.

"He's got his own job." Bree reminded Gabby. "Do you miss him?"

Gabby was closed mouth. Asking about Will was like opening a can worms. Finally, she told Bree they were going to a place near Chimney Rock.

"Seriously?" She sounded excited.

Gabby winced. She didn't think Bree was in to nature places nor old Nebraska history.


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