Wednesday, July 26, 2017

highly unlikely

highly unlikely

Ellis couldn't believe this. Were they actually going to sleep in a tent, again?

Yes, he was always the worst. But he wasn't used to these kind of conditions while on the road.

"The key is, to wear less clothes." Derrick told him, who practically performed in his underwear every night on stage.

"Hey, they are swimming trunks." Derrick informed the rest of them, early on. After all, he knew how hot the mid-west could be.

But... back to Ellis and wearing less. "I dunno what your problem is?" Derrick told him he was fit enough. "You'd be selling it." Derrick's grin was open, but it only made Ellis feel more disgusted.

He needed his own motel room. Even a cheap one with running water and some A/C for the night would at least be suffice. But, he was the odd man out.

Bo seemed to thrive in filth while Gabby and Howie were more worried about the schedule and that old school bus.

Really, Ellis felt a little sick. Maybe he was homesick. Especially, after he heard from Geo how great the dinner went with Melissa's family.

"I love her." Geo kept saying. It made Ellis all the more lonesome.

How come he couldn't be normal? He knew he was no rockstar. He was not cut out for the road.

"Oh, you're a rockstar, alright." Derrick assured him. "You, got that demanding face. Now, we just only have to get we can afford those places you want to stay."

Ellis sighed. No way was that a pep talk.

"Derrick, really likes you." Bo said later after they were loading up the bus to get ready for the next show, down the road.

Ellis' eyes lit. What did that mean? Ellis couldn't help but scowl. He didn't want anyone liking him.