Friday, September 29, 2017

a girl like you

a girl like you

"Valentina's native language is Spanish." Simon beamed, as he spoke of the new girl at school.

Xander could see his brother was smitten. He'd never heard him talk so much about one girl. He'd mentioned she was only a Freshman, during dinner. Xander did wonder if Simon would go out with her. But he said they were in drama club together. Still, after dinner Simon kept talking about Valentina. Evidently, she was extra-ordinary.

"She's not even Mexican." Of course, he said there wasn't anything wrong with being Mexican. "Its just..well, she made me think of you."

"Me?" Xander winced a smile, as they were cleaning up the dishes. Simon scrubbed on a pot in the the sink.

"Yeah, she's actually Korean, but I don't guess they knew, when she came to her foster parents. I mean, they don't even know her real birthday." Simon told him. "Do you even know your real birthday?"

Xander felt as if a lump lodged in his throat. He still didn't like talking about his birthday. There was so much he didn't like talking about the past. Yes, he'd been raised in another country. To some, he might as well have been a gypsy. He didn't really dwell on it, anymore. But he'd came this far and was happy to find a brother like Simon.

"Yeah, she's so much like you." Simon smiled as if he'd found the right girl, after all this time. "You have to meet her. You, have too."

"Invite her over, sometime." Xander said. He hoped his brother had found the right girl, but Xander was sure he had nothing to do with it.


Katy said...

I love this so much, I almost felt so emotional as I read this!

Launna said...

I am going to have to keep up with this story line... seeing my daughters name drew me in instantly :)