Thursday, September 28, 2017

little worries

little worries

"I see." Ivy's mother listened to Joon, talk about what had happened outside of the library.

"I..I just think his parents need to know," Joon said as she laid out a late supper for him. He'd picked up Ivy from library, after his last evening class at the University.

Ivy sat next to him, rather distraught as if she didn't want to involve Ollie's parents.

"He lives in foster home." She sounded as if he'd be in more trouble, like maybe he would have to leave.

"Maybe, he go somewhere else," Ivy's mother, Alexa, said as if it would be the right thing. Alexa didn't want this boy, anywhere near her daughter.

Ivy's face was full of anguish.

"He needs some help." Her mother wanted Ivy to realize she didn't need someone like this in her life. Didn't she see he was troubled? "He practically hurt you."

Ivy shook her head, no.

About then, the doorbell rang.

"Oh, its, Will." Joon said he'd forgot to tell her, he was at the library.

Ivy's mother went to get him something to drink and what ever snack she could find.  She told him it was good to see him again. She asked him about school.

Will sat next to Ivy at the kitchen table. To Ivy's mother's surprise, Will took Ivy's hand.

Alexa sighed with relief. She was happy to see Will with Ivy.