Wednesday, September 27, 2017

work it out

work it out

"Are you, OK?" Joon wondered if Ivy should even come to the library. Ivy nodded as she touched her  raw lips.

About then, Will showed up. He came to Ivy's aide. He told Joon, he was glad he showed up when he did.

Joon could see Will was concerned about Ivy.  Joon watched Will hug Ivy as if she might be in danger.

Joon wasn't sure how to respond.

"I'm not seeing him." Ivy managed to say, she was in tears. "I didn't..I didn't know..he..he way."

Joon told her they'd have to tell her parents about Ollie.

"I have to close, tonight..but..but if they wouldn't mind, I could drop by, after work, and..and talk to them." Will told Joon.

Of course, Ivy looked at Will as if he were her brooding knight. She hugged him tight as if she might stay until closing.

"If you think it would help." Joon gritted, thinking things would be so much different if Ivy had came to live with him in Seoul at his mother's house. They would be on their way to getting married even if it would be years in the making. Naturally, he was glad that hadn't happened. Still, he would hate for some drifter like Ollie to take advantage of Ivy.

He wondered how far this Ollie would go before they had to involve the police.

"How much do you really know about Ollie, anyway?" He asked Ivy. Joon wanted to let Ollie's parents know about his behavior.

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Launna said...

Ellie, I have missed your writing... I know I left the blogging world rather abruptly.. I didn't even know I was going to take a break, it just got harder and harder to motivate myself to write... it's good to be back xox