Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Let's get lost

let's get lost

Ollie couldn't help to seethe a bit, when he saw Ivy with Will. How could she?

He gritted, trying his best to remain calm, but he needed to see his girlfriend. She was still his girlfriend, wasn't she?

He'd laid his head in her lap on a bench at the park, three weeks ago. He couldn't get the image of her out of his head. She meant everything to him. She was all he needed in this world.

His foster dad kept hounding him about getting a job, thinking about his future. That's not what he needed. That was just a headache to Ollie..but Ivy..well, Ivy made him feel genuinely good about so many things.

Sure the world was a rotten place to Ollie. His real dad was just a bum, who might have been a gigolo... for all Ollie knew. Ollie didn't think about his past with Ivy around. With her, everything would work out. Everything would be great.

But something had changed, all because of that tall guy Will.

Ollie walked over and grabbed Ivy by the hand.

"We need to talk." He told her.

"You're in the library, you know." Will told him.

Ollie didn't care. He pulled Ivy toward him and headed toward the door. He was certain Will would follow, but he didn't want to cause a scene, evidently.

Ollie's heart kept pumping. He wasn't sure he could even hear himself think. A part of him wanted to run as faraway with Ivy as he could, yet she kept pulling back..even into the darkness.

"Why are you doing this too me?" He wanted to know, still holding on to her wrist tight.

"You..you..will only make things worse." She cried.

"Worse? How?" He told her she hadn't cold. She hadn't even tried to find him at school. "You know, I LOVE YOU."

He looked her in the eye, but all he saw were tears, so he kissed her to remind her... how he really felt, but she only squirmed as if he was here to hurt her.

Somebody, pulled him off of Ivy, yet it wasn't Will.

"Hey, you want me to call the cops?" He said as he pushed Ollie to the ground, ready to kick him.

Ollie scrambled to his feet and ran into the darkness.

A part of him felt like such a coward. He didn't want to run without Ivy. He needed her. He just needed to be stronger, though.