Monday, September 25, 2017

can't stop this feeling

can't stop this feeling

Ivy certainly didn't want to get her hopes up. She was happy to be around Will. Actually, she never thought he would really like her. Of course, she'd never actually thought about how much she really liked him..until now.

Yes, it was as if everything was turned upside down. She felt a little lost. Yet, Will was her compass..she'd decide after a week or so, while she was grounded.

She still thought of his lean arms, his warmth. It was all so inviting and genuine.

True, she felt a little guilty, leaving Ollie in the cold. But, she hadn't seen him, lately. Actually, she hadn't even been looking for him. Their lunches were at the wrong time, at school. His was early. Hers was late. It was as if they traveled in different atmospheres.

Of course, this was no time to start in with her parents about Ollie. They didn't approve of him, anyway. But they knew Will. She knew her mother liked him. It might be a touchy subjec,t to bring Will up. She would hate to make more troubles at home. She didn't mean to be the bad daughter.

She would have to be patience. Maybe..maybe one day she could actually go on a date with Will.

Ivy was about tell Will that she didn't have to go to Homecoming, but out of the corner of her eye..she saw Ollie standing near the new book area.

Suddenly, she wanted to hide. She really didn't think this was the time to talk to him. Especially, with Joon on his way to pick her up.

Ivy nursed her bottom lip, wondering what to do. Then Will noticed Ollie, too. Before she knew it Ollie saw them together. He was walking toward them, but of course..Will got in front of Ivy, as if to protect her.