Sunday, September 24, 2017

at the library

at the library

Will was so pleased to see Ivy in the stacks. He did his best not to let  on, but the fact remained he needed her around.

She was looking in the World War II section. He couldn't take his eyes off  of her, but he knew he had to put some books in their place.

At least they ate lunch together at school. He walked her to class, every-time he had a chance. Perhaps, they were a little coy, as not to give it much they really enjoyed each other's company. Of course, they left their romance to an unspoken language. It was a comfort to be in her presence.

He heard laughter in the YA section, near the graphic novels. It was Gabby and some guy. Will's smile went straight lipped. He did his best to ignore the situation. No way would he sush them.

Naturally, he could see Gabby was taken with this guy. Possibly, he was a college student. He was no one Will knew from high school.

Of course, he had to wonder if Gabby was here on purpose, trying to make him jealous. Will breathed in, and decided he would walk over to Ivy and say something.

"Did..did you find anything for your report?" He asked in a low voice.

Ivy looked up at him, a bit startled. She smiled. He reached up and got the heavy book she was reaching for.

Just being close to her made him want to forget work and buy her a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. He wanted to go out with her. He wanted everyone to know..he liked her.

"How? How much longer..will you be grounded?" He whispered.

"I dunno, until Christmas." She shrugged.

"Don't say that." Homecoming was coming. "Maybe, maybe if..if I talk to your parents."

Ivy looked at him, as if that probably wouldn't help.

"At least..let me try." Will had never looked forward to Homecoming. But he wanted to go with Ivy.

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