Saturday, September 23, 2017

out of the blue

out of the blue

Howie couldn't help but wonder just what Ruby was up, too. After all, she was the one who invited him out to a night club.

The lights danced with the music in the dark. He couldn't remember the last time he'd ever gone to such a place, but here he was with the tiny girl all in black. She looked like a scary cat of some kind. Why had he said yes?

He took a deep breath as if he was going under, perhaps to the bottom of the sea as they swam through couples getting their grove on. Maybe now would be the moment Ruby realized he was totally boring.

Yet, she was mesmerizing on the dance floor. He couldn't say she was the best dancer on the floor. In fact, she made him laugh. Although, she was serious about the drama of the playful music. Howie did a little sway.

Actually, his mother said he was a natural born dancer. He'd been moving to music since he was nine months old. There were pictures and video to prove it. Oh, how his mother knew he would always find an excuse to dance. Still, he wasn't sure he wanted to let Ruby in on this little secret. He wasn't sure he wanted Ruby to know him, at all. After all, they'd met at a concert a few months ago, back at the university. She was reporting about the band for the university newspaper.

"They still do that sort of thing?" He was in shock. He thought people just blogged who they wanted, too..and be done with it.

"Better than having to keep up with the cheerleaders." She gave him a dead stare then, as if she hated her job. Naturally, she didn't get paid.

Later, he found out she was doing some bits for THE READER. She got paid, a little.

Ruby told him then that she loved bands. "Although, I've never ever really dated anyone in a band," she said her roommate was seeing a drummer, before the drummer.. the lead singer in some indie band. "I dunno, they are so full of themselves, you know."

He'd wanted to tell her to smile a little, it might help the dating situation, but he'd only listened then. He was still listening, and now dancing with her.

If only, he could be completely taken with her, but he was ever so careful these days. Sure, a part of his heart belonged to Gabby. He still wanted to be her best friend. But as the nights grew longer, he was beginning to think less and less of her. She wasn't at the recording studio, anymore. She was back in school.

It was as if they were in separate universes. At the moment though, he thought he might be falling into a worm hole of some kind.

Ruby went to get drinks, Bloody Marys. She said she always stuck with vodka. "Less calories."

 Howie imagined her with a plastic flask of vodka disguised as FRED WATER in her bag. He was certain she liked earthy guys, or maybe it was earthy girls. He wouldn't put anything past her.

"Are you seeing anybody?" She asked now over the loud beat, at the illuminating bar.

"What?" He wasn't sure he even wanted to hear her.

"I like you." Her confession startled him. He only smiled. He wanted to tell her, he wasn't sure he felt the same, but maybe if they went out again..possibly, he would change his mind.

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