Tuesday, September 5, 2017

and then

and then

It was Will, who tore them apart. He picked up Ivy by her waist, but she went kicking and screaming.

She squirmed in his grasp, but he didn't let go. He waited for her to calm down, yet it felt as if she wouldn't give up the fight.

He wanted to ask..what was wrong with her, but he thought the less he said, the better.

Still, his heart pumped hard. Yet, even with her back against him, he could feel the rush of excitement. Still, she smelled of lavender and lemon grass. Even her sweat smelled spicy of chicken broth and garlic.

Her hair was in a loose ponytail now. He let go of her, but they plopped together in the floor. He only had the wall to keep his back against. He held on to her hair to braid. As if they both needed the therapy of it.

He knew he wasn't suppose to be on Ivy's side (after all Bree was a distant relative), but he was here and...and well, he was tired of always having to take his cousin's side.

Bree always had to have everything her way. Sure, he always tried to keep the peace. But hadn't they all been together on Valentines day, at Ivy's house? They were friends then.

He looked up to see Gabby, looking over someone's shoulder.

Of course, they (Bree and Ivy and even Will) were all going to the Dean's office. Somebody had a lot of explaining to do.

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Draco said...

Great set! Love this storylineđź’•