Monday, September 4, 2017

Girl Fight

Girl Fight

Bree guessed she had it coming. Still, it was the last thing she was expecting in the girl's restroom.

But she was face to face to Ivy.

Or maybe..maybe it was the fact that Ivy had it coming.

How dare she take up with Simon, while Bree was gone, over the summer.

"What are you talking about?" Ivy winced. But she didn't back down. She got in Bree's face. "You're the one who dumped him."

She made it sound like old news. It was history now. Ivy had moved on. Bree stood there stewing with her fist on her short waistline. She stomped one foot in her black leather boots and then the other. Oh, she was closing in, but Ivy grabbed her waves of hair first.


Holding on to each other's hair with all their might. Circling, tugging, pulling and screaming like banjees .

Of course, some girls noticed and ran out as if they were going to get help, but the fight went round and round like Sumo wrestling. Except, they had each other's hair. Around and around they went, like they had invented the restroom sport. Out the door of the bathroom. In to the hallway. Nobody was trying to break them apart.

Had Ivy hated her that much?

Bree never knew until now, just what an enemy she'd made of Ivy.

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