Saturday, September 2, 2017

Don't care to think them through

Don't care to think them through

Ivy couldn't help but laugh. Even in the hallway at school with Ollie. It was if they were in their own little world that no one could bother.

Oh, it was unbelievable how she met Ollie. Maybe even a little weird.

She'd text Simon's old Go-Phone by accident, and someone different text back. One text lead to another.

She couldn't even remember what Ollie said to make her giggle, but they'd met  up at the nearby Starbucks for coffee, and she liked what she saw. It was the beginning of something.

Her mother wasn't too fond of the situation.

"What if he's a serial killer?" She put it out there, that Ivy needed to be suspicious.

"Oh, watch far too many old Korean dramas." Ivy ignored her mother's questions. This was new. And she'd never met anyone quite like Ollie.

"Do you know, anything about him?" Now Joon joined in with the questions. She thought she did. His family was from California, but he wasn't.

"How can that be?" It didn't make sense to Joon.

"I don't know." Maybe she didn't care. It was like being in the dance of passion, even during everyday things with Ollie. It made her happy. She didn't care if Bree was back with Connor. It was good to have a new beau.

He liked to hold hands. Of course, he liked to kiss, too. And he was quite kissable.

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