Friday, September 1, 2017

who made up all the rules

who made up all the rules

Valentina wasn't sure she could say another word to the guy in the hallway on the first day of high school. She'd kept quiet. Since, she wasn't really Mexican American, but her parents who adopted her, were.

It never really bothered her, until lately. It was good to know a second language and seriously, everything might still be normal..if..if..Ollie hadn't came along.

He was a misfit, all right. Most of his life was at the reformatory, or some such place like Boystown.

Naturally, she got reprimanded for thinking such rot. How come, her parents had to be on his side?

"Well, they adopted you. No way, are they going to do that for me." Ollie told her soon enough. He also informed her, she was Korean, too.

"Somebody got it wrong on your paperwork, little sister." He liked to play rough and usually told her to shut up. It was the only way they were going to get along.

So when she saw him with that girl, at school, she turned to walk in the opposite direction. That's when she bumped into the very tall guy... who might have been Hawaiian.  She couldn't help but look into his eyes, as if they'd met before.

She didn't think so.

Naturally, he was in different. Never said a word. She expected as much. She'd let the Spanish slip. She walked on, thinking she didn't know how to make friends.

Her family didn't move much. They'd came from California, and her mom thought it might help their situation if they went back into being Foster parents, again.

Valentina was expecting babies, but they got Ollie instead. She did wonder if he'd hurt someone before. She could only imagine him saying it was not his fault. As it was, his excuse about everything was always somebody's fault, not his.

He did as little as possible at home, and they let him.

She looked back at the girl with Ollie, Valentina wondered if  that girl let him do what he wanted, too.